What Makes a Good Festival? (The Triangle Theory)

Whatsoever effective a event is, once it loses the efforts behind it, or the efforts decreases, it drops one important basis that domes it to its Death. The next layer in a event is the content, that will be actually decided by the event purpose.Shankra Festival 2019 - Time Table

Material of a event suggests the amusement, the workshops, the functions…all and everything which will occur in the festival, all that a visitor could see or participate in. As much as this content depends upon the festival purpose, it is yet a preventing factor of the achievement of the event; you may have the best purpose but the wrong content. Imagine a looking event with no discounts!! Or music festival with artists whom are very poor in their acts! !.

Let’s consider the ROSE Parade in USA, a festival began 1890 and it is just about rose parades and rings, if it absolutely was exactly that, the festival could have died quite a long time before and would not live to be over a century old with good success. An function that have developed from about 2000 living audience to a lot more than 700,000 attendances.

This type of Shankra Festival, its content is about parades only!, However the find is, every year they create a theme and annually they have more members, government and privet sector and each tries to create a float that is exclusive and higher than anyone different participant, you will dsicover a float for NASA and a float for Star-bucks café, and each is competing to find the best design. They have manipulated the limits developing a more enthusiastic event.

To be able to support a festival that has the same subject every year you need to be smart enough to make a material that is various compared to year before and keep consitently the crowed on coming. That is more like any organization on earth, a festival is like a shop and the attendees will be the visitors to the shop. Therefore when you lose material and become ordinary your shop visitor’s count will drop? What’s your edge, BE DIFFERENT OR BE DEAD.

It’s all in the hand of the administration human body of the festival, regardless of the purpose, a festival is a party of living, and living is all about modify and adventure……..calculated adventure of course. When we were not different we would be strolling in the streets carrying same fabric, same look, same building. Material needs to be different, attractive and alive.

You may not exist until some one understands you. Your smiles, your motions, your means of speaking…etc each one is your advertising means. If you are a smart person however, you keep all work to your self, for people, you are nobody even though you were Einstein. As effectively if you are able to communicate perfectly your crowed is not right, you still a no one, Einstein could have been a nobody if he was as wise but living in a group in a lord forsaken place.

A event isn’t any event with out a crowed. A food festival that has all types of food and its marketing only targets vegetarians, or perhaps a shopping festival that objectives the indegent might transfer right into a riot. The propaganda is all about applying all possible right marketing press to market your function and having the best help from festival material and initiatives behind it helps it be a success. History of a festival makes a major element in the achievement but doesn’t let you at any mean to reduce the budget you allocate for marketing. In in these times fancy stuff are every-where rendering it an easy task to divert the attention of the crowed to just forget about history. Record is history.

The aforementioned levels depends on each other’s and overlaps and the disappointment in virtually any layer may quickly fails the entire process of the festival, whether that failure will undoubtedly be immediate or slow. More crowed doesn’t mean more accomplishment, if material is bad, it is simply more failure. It is simple to be number 1 but it’s hard to remain so. Self-confidence is great but around confidence generally basins the ship. The layers mentioned above constitute the pie of success. If you appear at any event throughout that triangle and evaluate each coating, you’ll know a slipping event from a successful one.