What are the best Smartphone accessories that you can have this year?

You love the Smartphone you own, isn’t it? We all actually do. These days, smartphones are part and parcel of our daily life. Interesting fact is, along with Smartphone comes different interests as well as accessories.  We are now going to sort out most sought after accessories of this year. All these accessories get into this because of their usefulness.  If you want to buy them you can depend on Chinese wholesale market or portals like Alibaba, Aliexpress etc.
But at first the take a look at the list-

Smartphone Camera Lens

Smartphone cameras are in demand these days. More and more Smartphone making companies are coming out with different types of on-board cameras in their different smartphone models. Smartphone users too are fond of taking pictures be it for official use or be it for personal needs. This is the sole reason various companies are coming out with different types of high-quality camera lenses. The lens kit that is coming with the lens (or lenses) enables you to clip the lens to your smartphone. Once it is clipped, then you are ready to zoom and ready to take wonderful picture with amazing clarity. Some of the lenses are coming with rechargeable LED light to help you take picture in the night or dark.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This is an absolute necessary. Tempered glass screen protector makes your Smartphone’s glass screen safe, shatter-proof, smooth touch sensitivity, anti-glare and anti-dust. Oleophobic coating and many more features make it an essential part of your Smartphone.  If you are looking to buy a high quality tempered glass screen protector for your smartphone then China is the best market to search for. Try Alibaba first then other portals. If you need more information on it then we can give it to you.

Smart speakers

You own a Smartphone then all your accessories too need to be smart. There are portable, wireless speakers available with Bluetooth feature integrated into it. If you prefer to use your Smartphone as jukebox and use to play song from u your playlist then this Smart Speakers is for you.  Some of the smart speakers can also play songs from the cloud. If you want to buy a set, then there is a wide variety of smart speakers available.

Power Bank

You don’t want interruptions while you are talking to someone using smartphone. But you practically can do nothing if the charge of your Smartphone is gone. Power banks are here to solve your Smartphone’s battery problem. Power bank is portable and you can take it anywhere with you.


Constant communication via video call with the help of your Smartphone calls for a good headset. This is the accessories that you need to posses with a microphone attached to it. Moreover a good quality headset can help you to enjoy your music more pleasant way. Look for something that has a good battery life and compatible with your Smartphone as well as 3.5mm audio jack

Bluetooth Selfie stick

Love taking selfie wherever you go? Then you need something that can help you take everything with ease. A long arm selfie stick is always helpful you to take pictures in various locations and a Bluetooth Selfie stick are perfect to serve your cause. Look for the Selfie Stick that is compatible with your Smartphone

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Constant typing on your Smartphone not only creates irritation but also causes pain. You may have deal with sore thumbs all the time. Only solution that can solve this problem is to take the help of Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard.  You get the comfort of keyboard, bigger space to type and when not it is not in use you can fold it to your pocket. Look for the one that has a Li-on battery which can give almost 114 days of backup without charging.