Viral Marketing – Contacting KFC’S Bluff

The World-wide-web is abuzz this week with talk regarding the “KFC Two times Down” sandwich. Some sort of sandwich which has no bun, rather a couple of pieces of deep-fried chicken with sausage and cheese sandwiched in the midst.

“How could that they do this! ” would be the cries that come from thousands who are currently far more than sickened by peoples insufficient self handle. inches In particular With most the talk regarding our nations complications with obesity! inches a further cries. This sandwich had turn out to be a flagship for all those that is incorrect with today’s rapid meals consumer culture.

That becoming mentioned… My guess is that KFC could care much less if this menu object sits on typically the menu for 7 days or 1 year. I am guessing this specific sandwich was produced to the giant explosion of viral coverage that could occur once it actually visits the menu. This viral exposure converts to KFC while ” No cost Marketing “. It’s a classic case associated with “any exposure is superior exposure”. Even if this time it comes on the expense of the a large number of people who choose to consume 1 or eight associated with these then egg on currently existing health challenge all the way to the ER with a 7 herb and even spiced laced way into our overworked healthcare program.

What makes it distinctive than other non- healthy menu things?

When an employee in a McDonald’s designed the calorie packed Huge Mac in the 1970’s, typically the intention was certainly not to clog Yahoo searches, Facebook position updates, and twitter updates with all the term “McDonald’s Huge Mac”. Typically mykfcexperience as to be able to build a tasty meals item that could sell.

I could be 100 % wrong… But this is definitely my prediction on just how the “KFC Two times Down” was designed: Quite a few folks from an advertising and marketing agency pondering… “what precisely could we do to be able to produce enormous viral publicity for typically the KFC brand”. A new marketing publicity stunt of some type… With rumors of the sub flowing on the internet by simply house chefs for years… A light source bulb probably went off… ” That’s IT! “.

Typically the quantity of excitement that might be produced from this kind of sandwich becoming released to the particular general public on mass scale would likely be large! They will would not even require a crazy marketing campaign to help it. It would certainly run itself — saving millions involving dollars and giving KFC loads associated with absolutely free exposure.

This specific is why the gut tells me personally that KFC could care less in the event that these factors sell or not. They know that by reminding individuals of the particular KFC brand, these people will get body in the retailers – who both want this item or basically want a taste of the particular original recipe and even some neon mac pc and cheese. That they are acquiring these kinds of bodies in the door with-out shelling millions in advertising for the reason that most involving the exposure comes from Facebook and twitter. They get people talking amongst good friends debating if this kind of thing is ” Secure to eat ” or if “its ideal for MCDONALDS to offer it”, which leads to “all this speak of KFC tends to make us hungry, lets get there for dinner”.

Strictly from an advertising standpoint… Checkmate to KFC… Brilliant marketing and advertising move. To the detriment of large numbers of Americans who is able to not say “NO” to meals that is terrible for them… they are one particular mouthful nearer to a trip to the IM OR HER.