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In many countries, there are various names foraluminum-plastic composite panels, some people call it Aluminum Composite Panels; and many popole called Aluminum Composite Materials; the world’s first
aluminum composite panel is named ALUCOBOND. There are not many companies
producing aluminum-plastic composite panels abroad, but the scale of production
is very large. Famous are Alusuisse, which is headquartered in Switzerland,
Reynolds Metals in the United States, Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, and
Daming, Korea, the Chines famous brands are alusign, alucoworld, and so on.

If you want to buy large quantity of alucobond panel,it’s better for you to choose from China. You can get high quality alucobond
panels with the most competitive price from China. Why? Here are reasons:

Firstly, you need to learn about the main factorsaffecting the price of alucobond material:

1. Raw material

For alucobond panels, the materials arealuminum coils and plastics. China has the world’s richest aluminum mine, so aluminum
products made in China have unique advantages in the international market.

2. Labor costs

China’s population ranks second in theworld, with one-third of them engaged in industrial production. Therefore, in
terms of manufacturing, China has a relatively low labor cost.

3. Electricity, equipment, factory costs

China has the world’s largest wind powerplant, nuclear power plant, providing the most basic power conditions for
industrial production. In addition to its vast territory and relatively strong
industrial base, machinery and equipment can be self-sufficient and well

The above three conditions determine thateach piece of aluminum-plastic composite panel produced in China is cheaper
than other countries. China has become the world’s largest exporter of
aluminum-plastic panels.

Now you will know why you can get the most competitive pricefrom China.

Secondly, there are so many alucobond suppliers in China,why choose alucoworld?

1. Differentfrom other factories, our painting line and composite line belong to the same
one, which saves the price difference of the purchase of painting aluminum

2. Thealuminum supplier is southwest aluminum industry, which is the most powerful
supplier in China, in addition, it has been cooperating with us for 25 years.

3. Set upspecial foreign trade department with smooth communication and first-rate
pre-sales and after-sales service with professional quality.

If you want to import alucobond panel,alucoworld alucobond will be your best choice, professional alucobond
production, designed for engineering supply, and welcome agents to join, also
provide oem service.

The characteristics of Alucoworldalucobond:

Superpeeling degree

The aluminum-plastic composite panel adoptsa new technology to improve the peeling strength of the most important
technical index of the aluminum-plastic composite panel to an excellent state,
so that the flatness and weather resistance of the aluminum-plastic composite
panel are correspondingly improved.

Easyprocessing of materials

The aluminum-plastic panel has a weight ofonly 3.5-5.5 kg per square meter, so it can reduce the damage caused by the
earthquake and is easy to handle. Its superior construction can be cut, cut and
planed with simple woodworking tools. The various shapes of the sides, curved
into a curved shape and right angles can be combined with the designer to make
various changes, and the installation is simple and quick, and the construction
cost is reduced.

Excellentfire performance

In the middle of the aluminum-plastic panelis a flame-retardant material PE plastic core material, and the two sides are
extremely difficult to burn aluminum layer. Therefore, it is a safe fireproof
material that meets the fire resistance requirements of building codes.

Impact resistance

It has strong impact resistance, hightoughness, no damage to the topcoat, strong impact resistance, and no damage
caused by sandstorm in areas with large wind and sand.

Superweather resistance

Due to the use of KYNAR-500-based PVDF fluorocarbonpaint, weather resistance has a unique advantage, no matter in the hot sun or
cold wind and snow, it does not detract from the beautiful appearance, up to 20


Through the chemical treatment and theapplication of Henkel’s film technology, the adhesion between the paint and the
aluminum-plastic panel is uniform and the color is diverse, allowing you to
choose a larger space and show your individuality.


The aluminum-plastic panel has beensignificantly improved in terms of pollution resistance. China’s urban
pollution is more serious. It needs to be maintained and cleaned after several
years of use. Because of its self-cleaning properties, it only needs to use
neutral detergent and water. After cleaning, the board will be as new as ever.


Aluminum-plastic panels are good materialsthat are easy to process and shape. It is an excellent product for efficiency
and time. It can shorten the construction period and reduce costs. The
aluminum-plastic panel can be cut, cut, slotted, band sawed, drilled, machined,
or cold-bent, cold-folded, cold-rolled, riveted, screwed or glued.

1. Good weather resistance, high strengthand easy maintenance.

2. Convenient construction and shortconstruction period.

3. Excellent processbility, heatinsulation, sound insulation and excellent fire performance.

4. Good plasticity, impact resistance,lightening the building load and good shock resistance.

5. Good levelness, light and strong.

6. Available for selection of more colors.

7. Processing tools are simple, can beprocessed on site.

8. Flower patterns and patterns can becustomized