How to Decide Right CBD Dosage?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural cannabinoid compound present in Marijuana (Hemp) plant. Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD doesn’t produce any kind of psychoactive effects. It means it doesn’t produce any kind of hallucination effects. CBD is non-toxic in nature as well. It is available in different forms in the market such as CBD Oil, edibles, capsules or topicals, etc. Modern research studies have reported many health-related benefits of CBD such as pain relief, reduction of inflammation, sleep improvement, treatment for cancer and weight loss, etc. Due to these therapeutic uses, CBD has gained more popularity among people in recent days.

In today’s article, we will discuss how you can choose the Right CBD Dosage. We will guide you about some basic ways to decide the right CBD Dosage for you.

How to Decide Right CBD Dosage?

It is a general rule for all kinds of medicines and drugs that a right and precise dose is necessary to get maximum health benefits. The same is true for CBD. If you want to get maximum health benefits for CBD, you have to decide the right dose first.

For deciding a right CBD Dosage, you have to consider the following three major factors:

  • Your Body Weight and BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate)
  • The Medical condition for which you are going to use CBD
  • The available form of CBD i.e edibles, capsules, or oils

These factors are very important to consider if you want to use CBD in the right manner. The dosage will be different in different situations of these factors. For example, the dosage of CBD will be different for a high-weight person than a low-weight person. In the same, the dosage of CBD for pain relief will be different from the dosage of CBD for sleep disorders. The form of CBD in which it is available has a very strong influence on dosage. For example, when a person takes CBD in the form of Oil, he/she will intake more concentration of CBD than edibles. You should calculate your exact dosage of CBD by considering your Bodyweight, BMR, medical condition, and available form of CBD.

Some other ways of deciding the right CBD Dosage for you are as follows.

·        Talk to an expert doctor

For deciding the right CBD Dosage, an expert doctor is the best person to guide you. You should approach a doctor which is specialized in cannabinoids. After considering your BMI (Body Mass Index), your medical history, and your medical condition, your doctor will help you in deciding the right dosage for you. CBD is non-psychoactive and non-toxic. It means there are no chances of overdosing. But still, any kind of mismanagement in the dosage can lead to sight to serious side effects. Your doctor will help you in avoiding all side effects.

We also recommended that you should not start using CBD without the supervision of a Doctor. Many research studies have reported severe consequences of using CBD without the supervision of an expert on Cannabinoids. Usually, people try to use CBD by themselves and it is a big reason for side effects development. People go to the market, buy a CBD product and start using it without deciding on an exact or right dosage. Avoid this practice, if you want to get maximum benefits from CBD.

·        Do some calculations about the concentration of CBD by yourself

Once you have decided on a dosage of CBD after consultation with your doctor, you should do some calculations about the concentration of CBD according to its available form. For example, you have decided on a daily dose of 30 mg per day. Now, how you will take this 30 mg from different forms of CBD. Certainly, it will need some calculations. For example, if you are taking CBD in the form of capsules and each capsule contains 10 mg of CBD, you will take 3 capsules daily. In the same way, you will calculate your dosage according to other CBD forms. Hence slight calculations will help you in determining your dosage.

·        Start using CBD in a small dosage to investigate its effects on the body

The biochemistry and metabolism are different in different human bodies. It means that a dosage of CBD will behave differently in two different patients. To investigate the behavior of CBD in your body, you should start with a low dosage of CBD. This will help your body develop the tolerance for CBD. If you take a large dose of CBD initially, you can experience some serious side effects. You can increase the dose after feeling benefits from a small dose.

·        Immediately stops taking CBD on having side effects

If you feel any kind of side effects, you should immediately stop taking CBD. You can also lower down the dosage. Some common side effects or symptoms which you can develop from sudden use of CBD include diarrhea, lethargy, and muscle fatigue. In case of these side effects, you should immediately consult with your doctor for medical help.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that the decision of the right dosage of CBD should be taken after consultation with an expert doctor. Some calculations and experiments are also involved in deciding the right dose of CBD. A doctor will help you in determining the right dosage of CBD for you from which you can get maximum benefits. It is very important to keep in mind that you should immediately seek medical help in case of experiencing the side effects of CBD consumption.