Slot Machine Bonuses are the tool by which any player can make winnings, in some cases even without having to invest even a cent of their money. All this is only possible by playing ADM slot machines online !

It is unthinkable, in fact, to enter a land-based casino and receive free chips from the house, or a free percentage on the chips purchased, to try your luck at the slots.
It happens just like this, however, if you choose to play online at the best Italian casinos authorized by the AAMS / ADM that reward their users with very advantageous slot machine bonuses , often consisting of real money credited without even the need to make a first deposit. .

The provision of these bonus slots is certainly a stratagem used by online casinos to attract new customers, but in practice it is a very advantageous system for gambling enthusiasts: there are numerous cases of very high winnings, made on slot machines. by players who took advantage of the free bonuses without investing money out of their own pockets.

For those who are used to playing at internet casinos, the term Bonus is in common use. However, it should be noted that there are different types of bonuses, each with its own characteristics that make a bonus more or less advantageous depending on the characteristics of the player. Those who play for large amounts, for example, will certainly not aim to get free bonuses consisting of a few tens of euros. Those who play mainly for fun, on the other hand, will find it very convenient to be able to obtain a free bonus thanks to which they can make winnings in real cash that can be withdrawn. To get an idea about this type of promotions, the wisecasino portal has created a page containing the list of casinos with no immediate deposit bonus., which allow you to receive a credit in real money simply by registering with one of the operators on the list.

For this reason it is very important to know the characteristics of the various types of bonuses, which we have described below.

As for the Slot Machine Bonus – those who don’t usually play online will hardly believe it – it is real money credited to the player’s account for free, for a given situation: new registration at the casino, the launch of a new promotion, a deposit, a special occasion.

The first tip to take full advantage is to take advantage of all the bonuses provided by online casinos : the higher the value of the bonuses obtained, the greater the chances of winning!

The bonus slots offer undoubted advantages in favor of the players for the first time approach to online games, both for the most novice players esperti.I players can play free slot machines, practice the favorite slot games, will become familiar with the new environment of online lounges, test your gaming skills.
More experienced players will be able to use the bonuses to evaluate the qualities of a new room, to ascertain the effectiveness of a new playing technique.

Using slot machine bonuses you can do all this without risking money out of your own pocket.

A good habit to make the most of the bonuses is not to invest all the money received as a tribute to the first game that happens but to carefully choose the slot to play.
By selecting a progressive slot, for example, you can try to hit very rich Jackpots. Although it is possible to play using the slot machine bonuses , thus saving your money, you must never forget to play mainly for fun and not exclusively with the intention of making winnings.

Online casinos offer different types of bonuses. We analyze them below to discover the characteristics of each and the relative differences.

Welcome Bonus
Also known as Welcome Bonuses , they are paid out to new players who register at the casino. Most players consider it the most profitable bonus offered by online rooms, but in reality it is not! This is because online casinos reward the most loyal users who play on their platform with the best offers and not those who simply register for the first time. The fact is, however, that it is very convenient to start playing with money received as a gift, even if it does not consist of exorbitant amounts.

Free or No Deposit
This type of bonus slot is not always available. is a figure made up of real money, usually equal to a few tens of euros, disbursed in favor of new players without the obligation for the latter to make a first deposit. The bonus slot machine for free are a prize for choosing and signing up to the room that pays. They can be played without having to make a first deposit and if you make any winnings you can withdraw them to your account.

Deposit Bonus
For this type, the slot machine bonus is tied to the deposit: the casino credits the player with a predetermined percentage of money, depending on the amount deposited. Suppose the bonus is 100% on the deposit, it means that if they deposit € 150 the player will receive another € 150 free on the account, as a free bonus. The balance will be € 300 and the player will have received € 150 free to play the slots or games of their choice. This is a very interesting bonus that allows you to have and use quite substantial amounts, offered by the casino.

Unlimited Bonuses
They are Slot Bonuses credited for each deposit made to the gaming account, and their value depends on the current promotion. A tip regarding these bonuses: if you are a loyal customer of a particular room, contact the online assistance and ask for the contact of the dedicated manager. Certainly you will be able to get an exclusive promotion for yourself.

Vip levels
The most prestigious online casinos have a Loyalty Program, or VIP Program . Italian legal casinos have 7 VIP levels: Club, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premier Club. The higher the gaming volume generated on a given platform, the higher your reputation level. In this way you become loyal and trusted players who are given a privileged treatment consisting of: exclusive bonuses, special promotions, many other advantages. Just think that for VIP players the playtrough to be generated becomes less and the winnings are paid even faster.

Comps points
Also called ‘ Complementary Points ‘ are earned by playing at the same online casino. In general, a Comp Point is earned for every € 10 played. Set aside a lot of Comp Points, these can be redeemed for real cash, or various other rewards.

Terms and conditions
All types of bonuses are subject to ‘Terms and Conditions’ which is very important to read before starting to play. Here are the main guidelines:

Bonuses are not cashable
Obviously, it is not possible to register at an online casino exclusively to have the bonus credited and cashed without having tried a single game.
The slot machine bonuses are credited to the player for free and the player can use them to bet on the games and make winnings that he can withdraw, but to do so he must first have achieved a certain volume of play.

Game Volume or Playthrough
The game volume to be generated in order to withdraw the bonus received, including any winnings, is different for each casino and can be determined with the formula:
deposit value + bonus value obtained multiplied by a certain number ‘X’ established by the casino that paid the bonus.
In other words: we deposit € 10 and receive a € 10 bonus, with a x5 playthrough. In order to withdraw the bonus, a game volume of at least € 100 must be made.

Bonus deactivation
Some players, usually the high rollers, prefer to play no bonus slots so they don’t have to respect any playthroughs. In this case, just ask customer service to deactivate the bonus so as to play without having to generate a certain volume of play to withdraw the bonus.
These are the main indications contained in the Bonus Terms and Conditions. We recommend that you read these terms carefully before deciding which bonus to opt for.

We always remember to play Responsibly , to spend hours of fun.