Dominions Map generator

This page lists the various versions and side routines involved with the DomMap program. The DomMap program was first done by Keldon Jones for the original Dominions game. Since then it has gone thru a number of upgrades. Improved switches by Phillipe Duchon. Color switches added by Leif Roar Moldskred. And many excellent improvements such as full VGA terrain, impassable borders, and additional information written to the .map file by Lintman (Bryon Daly).

So if you are interested in randomly generating maps such as I do then you can grab DomMap Dominions Map Generator here.
It includes raw .c code for linux, and a compiled windows exe

WinDomMap.jpg And you might want to add to it the helpful interface displayed here by grabbing created by Mark Garnett.

There are also some excellent scripts which can be used to automate maps generating AND some to use the GIMP to touch them up nicely. For examples and download go to the page of Leif Roar Moldskred