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"There cannot be a strategy guide for Dominions 3. There are too many nations, and too many options within each nation. There would have to be a Strategy Set of Encyclopedias. And even then it would fall short."

"Dominions 3 is NOT a game for people in love with graphics or sound. It's a game for people in love with fantasy, mythology, history. And most importantly.... strategy. If you are willing to cut back on deep strategy play for graphics and sound then move on. But if you are willing to cut back on graphics and sound to get deep deep strategy then at LEAST do yourself the favor of trying out the Dom3 demo."

"Dominions 3 comes with a 300 PAGE MANUAL. That alone says so much!"

"I love and still play Master of Magic, Space Empires IV, and Stars! For all the same reasons I also love Dominions 3."

"Luckily, being TBS (turn based strategy game) this fantastic game is not too distracting for me. I can still easily take breaks and look up to see whats going on around me. And it shares the computer nicely. I can shell out of it to check mail and other things then shift back into it. It doesnt take over my entire computer when its running. It's particularly laptop friendly. The multiplayer mode can be played by internet connection, or by PbEM (play by email). "

"People get confused trying to think of Dominions 3 as balanced one-to-one. These are not nations of matching units wearing different colored uniforms. Each nation has its very own pros and cons leaving the player to find the nation which best matches their playing style. The balance is closer to rock-paper-scissors. If you always play Ermor against Ulm then you might complain that Ermor is too strong. And the truth is that the hordes of the Undead Ermor Nation do have advantages against the Heavy Armored troops of Ulm. but Hvy Armor Ulm has advantages against the Religiously Powerful Marignon. And obviously religiously Powerful Marignon kicks tail on the hordes of Undead Ermor. See? Rock-Paper-Scissors. And thats just one example out of 61 nations. (edited: Dominions 3.27 is now up to 73 nations)."

"One of the things I love about Dominions 3, and in fact the entire series, was that it lasts for years. I've often paid the same amount of money for games that lasted a month on my machine. And many of them I got too late. The "killer strategy" was settled in the games forums before I ever got there. But even years after its release people are still finding new strategies for this game. People are still arguing over which nation is strongest, which is weakest, which strategy is best."

"In fact, I would hold this game up as a #1 example of what many games should do. The options for hosting are FANTASTIC. Dominions 3 can be hosted on Windows or Mac or LINUX in a non-gui text-only mode. It has switches for all of the game creation variables. It can be interfaced with a random map generator. It has switches for outputting hosting stats, and player scores on multiple levels, and multiple levels of logging. It has a switch to "run this script or command before each hosting of a turn" and one for "run this script or command after each hosting of a turn" which gives it a ton of power to do game backups, keep historical data, interface to a web page for the game, do notifications by email or pager or sms of a turn being ready for next play, or even delivery/receipt of turns thru email or ftp or IRC. Anyone running a server should look at Dominions 3."

"As of Dominions 3.27 there are 73 nations. You can find the nation which best matches your type of play whether its barbarian horde, offensive, defensive, researching, stealth, etc. And there are slots available to take it up to 95 nations to make use of the many user created nation mods. There are presently 2088 different units in the game, over 1000 pieces of equipment that can be given to them with various abilities, 709 magic sites to be searched for which can grant gold, magic gems, the ability to recruit or summon other units, and some which have bad effects. There is 9 areas of magic. Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Astral, Death, Nature, Blood, and Holy. Spells are in the categories of Conjuration, Alteration, Evocation, Construction (creating magic equipment to give your commanders), Enchantment, Thaumaturgy, Blood Magic. And Holy altho Holy usually doesnt need to be researched. Some spells are cast in magic labs you build in a province, some are battlefield, and some are global. There are 755 major spells."

Here is a great LP (Let's Play) by ZorbaTHut on the SomethingAwful forums.
It walks you thru a full game step-by-step.

DISCLAIMER: this game is NOT suitable for students, interns, apprentices, or anyone else who is expected to pass tests on a regular basis. Do not think about Dominions strategies while operating heavy machinery. The demo has built-in limits which should not be bypassed. They are for your health as much as for monetary reasons. Do not begin on the full version without first making arrangments for someone to check on you daily. If you find that your game has continued for more than 36 hours straight then you should consult a physician immediately (Do NOT show him the game!)